Money Transfer Services Near Stafford VA, Chantilly VA And For Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William, Stafford Counties

Are you looking for money transfer services near stafford va, chantilly va or for loudoun, fairfax, prince william, stafford counties? Don't go away, we are here for you!


Money Transfer

When you need to send money to someone, you need the reliability of a quick and easy transfer. Marvi Inc offers money transfers to anywhere in the world, whether it's to an individual or a business. Our transfers are secure, so you can trust your money will get there safely. We make it - easy and convenient by offering the ability for your recipient to pick up the funds in cash, have it transferred to their bank account, or even sent to their mobile phone!


How to transfer your money

1. Bring your cash or debit card

Just bring in your cash or debit card to transfer.

2. We transfer money

We will process your money transfer request securely.

3.Get Receipt

We will give you a paper receipt of your money transfer.


Questions Frequentes

How much do Marvi Inc money transfers cost?

The cost of a money transfer depends on the monetary value and the destination of transfer. Please contact any Marvi Inc location for detailed pricing information on your money transfer needs.

Are you providing domestic or international money transfer service?

We provide both domestic and international money transfer securely. Money will be sent within 5 minutes or so by our special money transfer service.

Yes, we're Open

Marvi inc braches are open evening, weekends and most holidays to serve you when your bank is closed our extended hours of operation provide convenient access to check cashing service


Preferred Location

Are you looking for check cashing store near stafford va, chantilly va or for loudoun, fairfax, prince william, stafford counties? we are the best option for you.

Visit our store :

115 Onville Road
stafford VA
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14017 Lee Jackson
Mem, Hwy
Chantilly VA 20151
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