Bill Payment Services Near Stafford VA, Chantilly VA And For Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William, Stafford Counties

Are you looking for bill payment services near stafford va, chantilly va or for loudoun, fairfax, prince william, stafford counties? We provide bill payment service fast, convenient and secure.


Bill Payment

Paying your bills electronically is easy. Just bring in your statement and cash and we'll process the payment with the biller. Hundreds of billers accepted. Most bills post in two business days or less.

Great Features of Bill Payment Service at Marvi Inc:

  • Fast and easy
  • Pay your bills at the same place you cash your checks
  • Enjoy low competitive fees
  • Know exactly when your bill will be posted
  • Pay all of your bills at once

How to pay your bill

1. Bring your statement and cash

Just bring in your statement and cash to pay your bills.

2. We pay your bill

We will process the payment with the biller. we have special same day service for many providers.

3. Get Receipt

We will give you a paper receipt as a proof of your payment.


Let Marvi Inc help with all your bill payment needs!

  • Auto Loans Bill Payment

  • Mrotgage & Rebt Bill Payment

  • Water Bill Payment

  • Utilites Bill Payment

  • Correction Bill Payment

  • Electricity Bill Payment

  • Credit Card Bill Payment

  • Phone / Telecom Bill Payment

  • Insurance Bill Payment

  • Cable /satellite Bill Payment

  • Collection Bill Payment


Questions Frequentes

What information is needed to make a bill payment?

To make a bill payment, please bring your paper bill stub to Marvi Inc Bill Payment Center near stafford va, chantilly va, loudoun, fairfax, prince william, stafford counties. Your bill stub contains the necessary information for your payment to process correctly.

What forms of payment may I use to pay my bill?

Payment types vary by biller. Cash is accepted at all walk-in locations. Some billers allow you to pay by check or money order

How much does it cost to send an in-person payment through Marvi Inc Bill Payment Center?

Fees vary by biller. Visit your local Marvi Inc Bill Payment Center in stafford va, chantilly va for more details.

Will I receive a receipt as proof of payment?

Yes. After processing your payment, we will give you a paper receipt as proof of your payment.

When is my payment received?

Payment delivery, posting times and speed-of-payment options vary by biller. Marvi Inc offers three speed-of-payment options: Same Day, Next Day and 3-Day.

Can I make a partial payment?

Most utility companies will accept partial or minimum payments for account credit. NYC Housing payments must be made in full.

Do I need my bill to make a payment?

Having your bill in hand makes the process easier for you, but you do not need it. If you do not have your bill in hand you must know the account number and the name of the person listed on the bill. We are not able to look up your account numbers. If you need a duplicate copy of your bill, please contact the utility company.

Yes, we're Open

Marvi inc braches are open evening, weekends and most holidays to serve you when your bank is closed our extended hours of operation provide convenient access to check cashing service


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